Chris Ramage comments ‘disgraceful’ and football authorities ‘should be embarrassed’ by failures in racism fight, says Clinton Morrison

Clinton Morrison has hit out at Craig Ramage over his ‘disgraceful’ on-air comments about black players, as he reacted to the latest raft of racist incidents in football.

The BBC announced on Monday they had ‘severed ties’ with pundit and former Derby County midfielder Ramage after he said the Rams’ ‘young black lads’ needed ‘pulling down a peg or two’ following their 1-1 draw with relegation-threatened Huddersfield Town.

His comments drew a strong reaction from Derby left-back Max Lowe, who slammed the former footballer-turned broadcaster for his ‘racial ignorance, stereotyping and intolerance.’

NINTCHDBPICT000563539722 - Chris Ramage comments ‘disgraceful’ and football authorities ‘should be embarrassed’ by failures in racism fight, says Clinton Morrison
Derby academy graduate Max Lowe was left furious by Craig Ramage’s comments live on BBC radio
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Sadly, it wasn’t the only incident of racism in football that made headlines this weekend, as Porto striker Moussa Marega walked off the pitch during his side’s match against Vitoria, claiming he was racially abused by opposition supporters.

And former Crystal Palace winger Morrison says he has had enough of these scenes, and took aim at authorities for their failures in the fight against racism in football.

Reacting to his Ramage’s comments, Morrison said on White and Sawyer: “So basically, all the black players and their body language look like they’re not bothered, they don’t care?

“He’s saying it’s the black lads that needed to work hard and were basically walking around like they’d already made it?

“They’re some of the worst comments I’ve ever heard.

“And then you have the audacity to apologise? Don’t come out and apologise, your apology means nothing; you’ve already said it and you meant it when you said it. You’re only apologising because someone has told you to.

“I’ve met Ramage a few times so I’m very surprised he’s said it, but once you say it you’ve crossed that line. You should never say that, it’s an absolute disgrace.

“This is getting beyond a joke now. It feels like every time I come on talkSPORT there’s always a racism situation.”

NINTCHDBPICT000563538247 - Chris Ramage comments ‘disgraceful’ and football authorities ‘should be embarrassed’ by failures in racism fight, says Clinton Morrison
Porto striker Moussa Marega (No.11) stormed off the pitch against Vitoria, despite pleas from his teammates

In Portugal, Marega stormed off the pitch after he was abused and had objects thrown at him after scoring Porto’s winner in their 2-1 win over Vitoria.

Ramarkably, a number of his teammates attempted to stop him leaving the pitch, grabbing him and talking to him on his way to the dugout.

But he eventually made his way off the pitch and gave two fingers to the crowd before marching down the tunnel.

He later posted on social media: “I would just like to tell these idiots who come to the stadium to make racist chants, go f*** yourself. I hope I never see you on a football field again. You are a disgrace!”

Marega was even booked by the referee for his actions.

Meanwhile, reports over the weekend claimed Manchester City and England star Raheem Sterling is planning to create a taskforce of current Premier League stars to combat the rising tide of racism in the game.

And Morrison says authorities should be ‘embarrassed’ that their lack of action against racism has led to players taking things into their own hands.

He added: “In the Portuguese league, all the players trying to stop him from going off the pitch, why? Why are you stopping him? You’re not being racially abused, you go walk off the pitch with him!

“That’s why I’m happy Raheem Sterling sterling is spearheading this taskforce tacking racism.

NINTCHDBPICT000512524048 - Chris Ramage comments ‘disgraceful’ and football authorities ‘should be embarrassed’ by failures in racism fight, says Clinton Morrison
Raheem Sterling reportedly wants to create a new Premier League task force to battle racism in football
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“Credit to him, upmost respect to Raheem Sterling and I hope more people get behind him and back him.

“But it shouldn’t be down to him. Why should it be? The authorities should be embarrassed that it has come to Sterling doing something like this.

“How many times have spoken about this, and still hardly anything is being done. You get slapped with a fine, oh well done! It’s pathetic, it does my head in.

“This isn’t going to stop, people need educating and hopefully Raheem Sterling and a group of other players can help to educate these people.

“But the authorities need to look at themselves, because they need to do more.”

Listen back to a clip of Clinton Morrison on talkSPORT above

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