Darren Till called ‘weak’ for admitting he was terrified before UFC 244, Gregor Gillespie hails ‘perfect’ Kevin Lee kick, Titan FC champion left paralysed

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MMA champion left paralysed

Titan FC bantamweight title holder Rudson Caliocane was left paralysed with a brain haemorrhage following an extreme weight cut before his latest fight.

He lost more than a stone before his bout on October 19 and collapsed backstage after the fight.

Blood could not get to a section of his brain causing tissue to die in the area.

ESPN report that he is partially paralysed on his left side and struggles to speak clearly.

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Para quem me acompanha, Com a aprovação do Titan FC, lutei no dia 19 de Outubro em São Paulo, Brasil. Entretanto, infelizmente, eu sofri uma isquemia cerebral no tronco encefálico(AVC). Ainda não está claro se ou quando eu poderei lutar novamente. Por causa disso, decidi desocupar o meu título de campeão mundial do Titan FC Bantamweight, por justiça à divisão, ao Titan FC e ao Lex McMahon, que me deram a oportunidade de lutar e manter o cinturão, e me trataram super bem. Por enquanto, agora, eu preciso focar na minha saúde e recuperação. Além disso, peço aos que puderem me ajudar com os custos do tratamento, segue abaixo a minha conta poupança. DEUS retribua abundantemente a vida e família de vocês. BRADESCO Agência 2050 C. Poupança 1000485 CPF: 146.297.907-64

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Gillespie calls Lee’s kick ‘perfect’

You will no doubt have seen the brutal knockout Gregor Gillespie suffered at UFC 244 at the hands of Kevin Lee.

Lee’s left kick had Gillespie out before he had even hit the canvas to hand him his first career MMA loss.

The 32-year-old said there was no luck involved and he got caught by an unbelievable kick.

He told MMA Fighting: “The size had nothing to do with that. He landed a perfectly executed, perfectly timed, unbelievable kick.

“People have been saying it was lucky, it was not lucky. It was not unlucky. It was an absolutely perfect kick and it was very well-executed and I give him all the props in the world.

“When you take a fight against a guy who fought for a title at one point, your risk of getting beat—not just beat, but knocked out—goes up. That’s a risk I was willing to take.”

Diego Sanchez slams ‘weak’ Darren Till

Till gave a brutally honest interview following his victory over Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 244 where he admitted he had been terrified before the fight.

He also said he was thinking of ways to fake an injury to get out of the contest and it seems those comments have not gone down well with everyone.

NINTCHDBPICT000536483555 e1572987309198 - Darren Till called ‘weak’ for admitting he was terrified before UFC 244, Gregor Gillespie hails ‘perfect’ Kevin Lee kick, Titan FC champion left paralysed
Till got back to winning ways with a strong performance over Kelvin Gastelum
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ESPN’s Ariel Helwani posted about his respect for Till and how it was rare for an athlete to talk like that.

UFC welterweight Diego Sanchez responded to Helwani calling the Liverpool fighter ‘weak’.

He wrote: “Every fighter?! This be some number one b*******!!!! Maybe he is coming from some money or something! All the work! Decades! To finally get some real money!

“Fake a injury I’m sorry Ariel but don’t butter Till up like this is cool to get a good interview!

“@Platinummikeperry what you think p**** s*** or p**** s***? Match him with @yoelromeromma and he really is gonna fake a injury!!

“Sorry guy I just can’t relate to this weak a** s***.”

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for openly talking about how scared he was before his fight last weekend. Rare to hear an athlete talk about his feelings like this.

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