DJ Nickdee’s birthday party at K1 Club goes viral over gun show

DJ Kym Nickdee’s birthday party at K1 Club has gone viral on social media after one of his guests openly displayed a pistol tucked under his belt.

The guest, DJ Moh Spice, showed off the pistol as he chugged the birthday boy with booze.

Dj Moh Spice had outstretched his hand to hold a glass to Dj Nickdee’s mouth, but unknown to him, the shirt pulled up expose the pistol.

Other celebrity deejays who attended the party were Dj Crème de la Crème and Dj Joe Mfalme among others.

Here is what fans had to say on social media.

The photo is later deleted by Dj Kym with the number of reactions it received, but crafty Kenyans on twitter were able to take a screenshot of it.

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