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Bradley Theodore is a visual artist. Born in the Turks and Caicos Islands, he now resides in New York City.he is Dedicated to making his art accessible for all to see around the world, producing murals on the streets of Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Oslo and Paris and now Kenya.

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In 2007 the late Kharl Lagerfeld once said “I am like a caricature of myself, and I like that. It is like a mask.” Who would have thought in 2013 on the busy streets of New York City, a man holding a paintbrush dabbing it into a saturated blue shade, the same blue that filled his youth in Turks & Caicos even following him to Miami would be settling in Brooklyn on a mural of Kharl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintors skulls, leaving them unmasked. The same mural held an essence of darkness and optimism all at once. The introverted black backdrop a sort of remanence of the artists speech impediment he overcame, drastic change of homes and financial lessons harshly taught; integrated so smoothly with the bright opposing colors in the foreground would change his life and ours. Bradley Theodore wasn’t just creating street art anymore.

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Murals of Kate Moss, Tom Ford, Diana Vreeland and even Coco Chanel with Frida Kahlo (just to name a few) showed that Bradley Theodore was creating more than the art in fashion. Paintings of the Wu Tang Clan to Beethoven and even David Bowie meant his knowledge of the culture was far beyond the standards of the art in music. The list could go on in many directions of ways the Turks & Caicos artist was changing the definition of art but simply put Bradley Theodore reflexively was and is still painting the world with every Puma footprint he takes.

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From the cold streets of New York City to the closest East Africa can get to snow (Mount Kenya). Bradley Theodore found a new canvas on Kenyan soil and in humanitarian work. African culture, a theme never seen before in his art took center stage, holding its own amongst the fashion icons he is known for. In Mt Kenya you see the greens of the Aberdare’s, Bradley engrossed by the students of Bondeni Primary School love for art. 

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The lucky students received an exclusive lesson and some key painting techniques they could carry with them for the rest of their life. A quick stop at the Rhino ark sanctuary and then back to Nairobi, Bradley visited SHOFCO(Shining Hope for Communities) a non-profit organization based in Nairobi, Kenya and New York to teach another set of deserving children an art lesson. A two day live painting with Bradley Theodore and A Kenyan artist was the acme of this irreplaceable experience. On to his next adventure, he left us with a vibrant mural of a rare Rhino in Karura Forest.

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