Matatu whose crew threw out two passengers impounded – VIDEO

Police in Meru have impounded a matatu whose crew members reportedly threw out two passengers for protested over excess passengers.

Crew of the matatu, which belongs to Meru Shuttle Limited, were last week captured on camera forcefully throwing out a woman who was accompanied by a minor.

The video clip was widely shared on social media.

The viral video recording captured the matatu tout throwing out the two passengers for refusing to give room for excess passengers.


In the two-minute video, the tout and driver are heard ordering the woman out of the matatu while hurling insults at her.

When the woman responds by saying that she has the vehicle’s registration number on record, the tout taunts her by daring her to take a snapshot of it and take it wherever she wishes.

After the video went viral, NTSA on Sunday issued a statement with a directive to the sacco to present the matatu crew at their offices in Meru county.

Matatu Meru II - Matatu whose crew threw out two passengers impounded – VIDEO
The impounded matatu belonging to Meru Shuttle Limited, whose crew reported threw out two passengers. PHOTO | CHARLES WANYORO


“The Authority wishes to inform the public that the sacco officials have been directed to present the crew members to the NTSA office in Meru County on Monday 11th March, 2019 at 9am,” NTSA’s statement read in part.

On Monday morning, Meru Shuttle Limited officials are reported to have presented the vehicle at Meru Police Station but without the crew members whom they claimed had gone into hiding.

Meru regional NTSA manager Joseph Gichohi said the vehicle will be subjected to inspection.

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