Former Chelsea striker Diego Costa wakes up his brother with hilarious, indoor fireworks prank

Diego Costa posted a video of himself playing a cruel, but funny prank on his brother on New Year’s Day.

Jair Costa was welcomed into 2019 by a small bowl of fireworks, that had been set off on the bed next to him by the former Chelsea striker.

Diego, now back at Atletico Madrid, has clearly not lost any of his famous mischievous streak that he held in the Blues’ dressing room between 2014-2017.

He can be seen in the clip running away from the mini firecrackers after lighting them, and getting back behind the camera to watch his brother’s reaction.

As with many people on the morning after New Year’s Eve, Jair was seemingly in no rush to get out of bed, despite the shock of his wake-up call.

You can watch the full video of the prank above.

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