Anthony Joshua mocks furious Deontay Wilder with impression in American interview

Anthony Joshua has mocked Deontay Wilder with a frighteningly accurate impression during an interview.

While speaking to American outlet DAZN USA about the best and worst advice he’d ever received, AJ got onto the subject of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

The current unified champion stated that he is wary not to follow the same path as his predecessor, losing money by placing his trust in the wrong people.

He added that Tyson’s example made public the financial dangers in boxing and, if it weren’t for him, this would still be happening “to this day.”

The last three words then reminded Joshua of Wilder’s famous rant from last month, in which he screamed “to this day” in the face of a journalist when talking about racial struggles in America.

The WBC heavyweight champion’s words went viral and even caught his rival’s attention, who then mocked him with the impression you can see in the clip above.

You can also watch the full videos of both incidents below.

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