Families thrown out in the cold as Kayole demolition enters day two

On the second day running, buildings erected right behind Nyama Villa joint in Kayole were on Wednesday being demolished even as residents tried to salvage their valuables.

On Wednesday morning there was still a high presence of police officers at the site where the buildings were being taken down to their feet.

A huge crowd was also milling around roads that lead to the site making it hard for those moving their items to navigate through.


Ms Janet Omambia could not hide her tears from freely flowing as she explained how she was on Tuesday night forced to stay out in the cold.

“It is so sad that I had to stay out in the cold the whole night and for sure I’m not even aware of when I will be leaving this place,” she said.

Ms Omambia explained that she has to wait until end of the month before she can be able to pay a house.

Kayole Demolition II - Families thrown out in the cold as Kayole demolition enters day two
Residents of Kayole estate ferry valuables salvaged during the ongoing demolition exercise. PHOTO | NYABOGA KIAGE


Mr Ken Ouma, who has lived in the area for five years now, said that he is yet to come to terms with the fact that his items had been buried in the rubble.

He said that he was not around when the demolition exercise started and by the time he was back he did not believe his eyes.

“I’m yet to come to terms with what is happening. Why they are really doing this to us remains a mystery,” he said.

Demolition started at the 20 acre parcel of land on Tuesday after the alleged owner secured an order from court to reclaim his land.

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