On 20th October 2016, The Economist magazine wondered loudly “of Donald Trump ….what more could he do to tarnish American democracy?’ According to Foreign Policy Magazine, Donald had shamelessly reminded the world on TV that the pillar of the world and father of modern democracy ‘The United States’ would rig the election in favor of rival Hillary Clinton.

To quote Trump verbatim our reporter replayed Donald Trump’s words during the 3rd debate on CNN “I’m afraid the election’s going to be rigged. I have to be honest.”

And according to a Trump confidant Roger Stone, “If there’s voter fraud, this election will be illegitimate, the election of the winner will be illegitimate, we will have a constitutional crisis, widespread civil disobedience, and the government will no longer be the government.”

The doom spelled by Rogers resembles that uttered by a longtime Raila Odinga confidant George Aladwa sometimes early 2016. Aladwa claimed rigged elections would make Kenya ungovernable besides bloodshed. All this pomposity and ilk has been ignored by government as petty politik.

Donald Trump’s political policy resembles that of perennial elections loser, Raila Amollo Odinga, a man whose ilk measures to Trump’s. There is a strangely stark homogeneity between Raila Odinga and Donald Trump. Both believe they are the only ideal choices of leadership. Their tendentious sociopolitical past and corrupt business empires gives them hubris.

This haughtiness or better, pomposity, charges their belief in having supreme control over sociopolitics. Odinga claims the current regime in Kenya will rig the election. Most pollsters’ project Odinga will lose the election resoundingly, a view Odinga vehemently disputes citing bribed pollsters as behind the allegedly skewed polls.

Just like Raila Odinga demonizes Kenya, Donald Trump has remained steadfast in claiming the American regime is corrupt, weak, and plunging Americans to a mess of many sorts.  By discrediting their own country, they propose and poise themselves as the solutions to the problem.

Raila Odinga claims he has championed human rights and democracy, which is a misconstruction of facts purposely to gain a pole position in a country with many poor who religiously follow his near-cultish politics. Raila’s intent is to assume the role of the ‘poor people’ champion. He pits the business and middle class against the poor. In 2007 his followers took over rental houses and assumed ownership, a reminder of the chaos he’d unleash to the rich and middle class in the country.

Donald Trump has adopted the same strategy of change. He claims he wants to make America great again. He wants to vanquish immigrants, business rivals, and those he knows will oppose his leadership. He want’s to pit the White majority against the immigrants, and colored, citing intrusion of Americanism by outsiders who need to be extradited to clean up America. Trump has a despot’s political blueprint as a trump card. Odinga uses the same political policy. He claims he will champion change, that he will transform lives, besides return wealth to the people. Most Western foreign services view Odinga as a likely despot if elected to leadership in Kenya.

On 20th October, many Kenyans who watched the debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton saw these stark similarities between the two. Both men are eyeing presidency in two distant great nations. One bewildered person claimed Trump must be a Kenyan since his arguments were so Kenyan.

According to FP News, Donald Trump is not making America great again, he is plundering it, and he is instead weakening the pillar of the earth. He wants’ the wheels of the American vehicle to come off. Like Raila Odinga, discrediting your country is good so long as you fool people enough to vote you in. By consistently embarrassing Kenya, Raila Odinga alienates the good of his own country from the eyes of the world and then demonizes the regime with a clear intent of plundering the nation to chaos so that he can ascend to power.