The Incumbent Opposition leader in Kenya Raila Odinga was stunned after a humiliating defeat by President Uhuru Kenyatta in recently concluded general elections. Odinga garnered 6.7millions votes translating to 44% of total votes cast.

President Kenyatta won the election with 54% of the vote, just as FP News and other international and local media had predicted towards the election.
The man who New York Times, FP News, and Economist Digest reference as the world record holder of election losses and worse, a perennial loser is yet to recover from the historic loss.

Shocked and desperate, Odinga and his team attempted to rig the election by making wild claims that ranged to hacking and forged results declaration forms. All these allegations were found false and wanting by both the international poll observers and the diplomatic community further embarrassing Odinga.

Odinga further suffered more humiliation when he claimed he should be named the poll winner by force. Media and the diplomatic community protested and warned against such criminal expeditions. Odinga has made the defeat a Luo affair after all his lieutenants cum principals deserted their strategy caucus citing shocking irresponsibility and desperation.

Odinga’s small brigade also claimed that over 100 persons from Luo community has been killed during protests. This was proved false by both media and police after. He called for boycott to work on Monday but was humiliated by millions of Kenyans who defied his rhetoric and went to work.