A Man who has rode a white horse in Nyanza province in South West Kenya wishes the August 2017 general elections delayed, not because the country is not ready but because he has been warned by Western think tanks that he is unwanted even by his own tribesmen.

On a Sunday rally, NASA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga was humiliated by thousands of irate youths in his backyard. The youths chanted obscenities and told off the aged politician considered as the Luo Kingpin. Odinga was shaken, humiliated, and above all near tears. His co-principals made frantic efforts to quell the mammoth crowd.
In Migori, a youth movement is warning the county against voting for Odinga again citing making up lies, using the communities misery for political mileage, and uncertainty if he will ever win. Most interesting is the narrative by the movement, “we will not die again for Baba!”

In Busia, youth’s and middle aged people are openly saying Odinga cannot be trusted nor is he worthy of betting for again. “Raila was Prime Minister, can you show or account for anything he has ever done for us here? All we do is swarm political rallies yelling ODM on top of our voices. Enough is enough. It is better the thieving Jubilee since it has delivered. Raila is a liar and just using us!” a middle aged man tells a village baraza in Busia.
In Kakamega, thousands of youths are making headlines in the villages there. They’ve formed a movement that aims at dislodging Odinga’s political fiefdom there. They’ve been holding meetings and small rallies in the villages preaching peace. Using a convoy of hundreds of motorcycles, they’ve been traversing the county popularizing Jubilee government.

In Bondo and Kisumu youths in business have formed a lobby that is focusing on having alternative leadership in the Luo Nyanza. “We are tired of political sycophancy, a penchant for crisis and violence, and a near-religious fanatism about the Odinga family and their political aspirations. Am sure Luo Nyanza can produce better political leaders who will unite our community with others. We are tired of Raila by the way. He should leave us alone in his politics or retire completely from politics.” An angry Fredrick Okoth says angrily.

The anti Raila sentiments are growing by the day. There is a spill over in Kisii Nyanza. Some Kisii elite claim, they know Odinga won’t win but they won’t entertain any form of violence. “It is wrong to drag the Kisii people to war. Odinga’s loss will be his loss not our loss. The current leadership is ok and it has preached peace long enough. If he loses, let him not drag us into the mud of his loss.